Women of Got Good Bones

Josi Siefker of Paint Pixie


I started faux painting in 1997 and found I was really good at it.  I was self-taught and bought every book I could get my hands on so I could learn different techniques.  In 2002 I decided to get my contractor’s license so I could go professional.  I wanted to work with builders and small businesses. That was a requirement and needed one legally. 2012: I discovered I loved painting furniture and making it look old and worn.  I bought some chalk paint that had just come out, the reason I loved it was it was self-priming and no prep work.  I decided to try my hand at selling painted furniture on Craigslist.  It was going pretty well and pretty soon I had collected a storage unit full of furniture.  Then 2 units. 

2013: my husband put an offer out there for me.  His exact words were “I’ll buy you a job”.   My exact answer was “I already have a job, I faux finish”.  He offered to open a store for me.  He wanted me off ladders as in 2008 I had a 15” fall onto a marble floor and he kept trying to find ways to get me to quit painting walls.  I gave it some thought, we found a location in Boulder City NV and Vintage Home was born. 

2015:I needed some major back surgery.  All those years of abusing my body as a painter.  In the pre-op chest xray they do prior to surgery, they discovered I had lung cancer.   After my back surgery, 7 weeks later I had the bottom left lobe of my lung removed so they could get the cancer out of me. 

Later that year I relocated my store to Las Vegas so my family could help me out while I recouped from both surgeries.  I had horrible luck there and 7 months later closed my store for good.  I had a lot of paintbrushes left to sell and my husband suggested I keep ordering those and selling those from home. I sold brushes from home for about a year.  They came from Italy and I did ok with them.  I was buying through a supplier and wanted to buy direct from the manufacturer but they wouldn’t sell to me direct.  So I decided to find a manufacturer that would make the brushes I love, for me.  They’re an oval shape with a rounded top so I found out that not every brush maker can make those.  With determination I found another factory in Italy that would make them for me.  I now have my own line of paintbrushes called Paint Pixie.  We are fast becoming one of the best and most popular paint brush lines on the market. 

Jami Ray Vintage


 Hi, I am Jami Ray.  I love all things vintage, antique, and reclaimed. I have been painting, staining, and upholstering since junior high. I am a mother of 5, wife of Zeb (my amazing handyman), and owner of Jami Ray Vintage. On my page you will be able to watch how to videos, find step by step instructions, buy paint and supplies, browse my completed pieces for sale, and check out my inventory of pieces waiting for your custom taste. To stay up to date on my current projects, TV appearances and vintage markets be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. You have great taste! Make your home your own. 

Karen Ziegler

Karen Ziegler

I love doing what I do!  Painting and decoupage in order to give furniture new life.  I love the hunt and the end result... Plus I meet so many interesting people, it's  just a win, win for me, painting and coming up with new ideas makes me happy. I also love that I can work around my life plans and come and go as I please and GGB is my all time favorite site. 

Bridgett Lane



Got Good Bones is in Tucson again- we have some amazing members in sonoran desert!! Today we are featuring Bridgett Lane, of The Curious Home. Bridgett is originally from Palm Beach, Florida,  but was raised in a small town of less than 2,000 in the state of Iowa. Bridgett states that she is a “true picker through and through as well as an artist” and she is constantly trying to find the balance between picking and creating! She is approaching her tenth year in the picking and selling business.  Growing up in Iowa, and going to yard sales and flea markets with her mom, is how her love affair started with vintage, antiques and salvaged items.  She has an eclectic style,  but tends to be drawn towards old paper, photos, books, and documents and anything Victorian Gothic. “I have an appreciation for all styles and time periods”. What drives her in this business is connecting people with objects and sharing in the love of the items with others. Bridgett is inspired and influenced by anyone who has a true passion for what they are doing in life!

Some of the more memorable picks have stopped her in her tracks, which include original Civil War battlefield photos, that she sold through Wes Cowan Auction House and a Five Pound sterling platter. Bridgett is the true epitome of a picker, as she loves picking items that have very little monetary value, but that will bring someone just as much joy and excitement! She also loves sharing curb alerts with her followers. 

Bridgett is really bringing it in the Tucson area. She is involved in many projects and has expanded her business tremendously in past year. She is always an inspiration to follow and watch grow. 

Royce Hunt of Rocylcled Treasures


My name is Royce Hunt.  By day I am an Executive Director for a non-profit that serves seniors.  By night, I am a creator.  My favorite creating process is taking things that have been thrown away and cast out and make them beautiful and give them purpose.

When did I get started?  Oh my goodness!!  I have always created things.  jewelry, paper mache deer heads... I suppose I have been refinishing furniture and re-purposing junk for about 5 years now.I found these pieces on Got Good Bones Tucson.  It was a vanity, but it was dropped and broken.

I probably use lots of different material to create different pieces.  Although now I primarily used Wise Owl Chalk Paint products.

These pieces take a lot of work!  I remove veneer 

Can fill holes with plastic wood, and sand, sand, sand. Sometimes there is quite a bit of repair work to be done.  I also  use a lot of resin and epoxy to do repairs. Please follow me for how to videos on various subjects! 

I love it when I sell a piece within 2 hours after it has been listed.  I LOVE Got Good Bones.  It's not just a marketplace.  It is a community of people who all understand the compulsion to create, to re-purpose/repair, and pick!

Johannah Back


My name is Johannah and I am a picker. I have been a picker\collector\decorator my whole life. I grew up in an eccentric family of artists and collectors. I studied Interior Design- but never finished my degree, as being a mom of two amazing children always seemed to close the door on my college pursuit. I know what inspires and motivates me. I love the stuff. I love finding the stuff! It’s as easy as that! I have been fortunate enough to have learned so much over the past 40 something years since my first pick at a swap meet in Tucson, Arizona when I was 11 years old! I am an experienced dealer and collector and love making making my personal space unique, inviting and special.   Got Good Bones is my baby! I will do all I can to make it a truly amazing site- for all who wish to be a part of our unique vintage community! Thanks for being a GGBer! 

Women of Got Good Bones

Patricia Hanson



Growing up in Uganda, a small country in Africa, I learned to appreciate color and the use of raw material. I was intrigued by the national theater, container village that had stall-like compartments of a collection of artistic work that was beautiful and always full of tourist. From sandals made out of tires (yes car tires), to baskets made out of dry grass, which we call a vintage market here in America.

Fast forward my journey to America, I was opened to a new different world that unbottled the creativity in me. But to be very honest, my gift wasn’t sparked through all glam stuff… lol, it was propelled from a place of survival things were tight and we were trying to make ends meet. I went to Goodwill a lot… you know for deals. Well one day, I saw this coffee table and I thought how beautiful and unique it was and when I got closer the price tag said 5 dollars. I immediately got it, struggled with it to the counter because I couldn’t afford for anyone else to take it. Got home and had some sample paint in my garage, got to working and that was the time OfferUp had launched. I posted it on OfferUp and immediately, I got an offer from the CEO Nick who wanted it. He picked it up that day. You have no idea, I didn’t even realize I had Nick in my house (my husband had to ask if he can take a pic ) I was excited my table had sold for 150 you guys. I was in tears because the water bill would be paid. You know what happened next………. goodwill became my friend. The guys there knew my name too LOL   and I just created and let my brain bring those ideas out as I created. My pieces represented the rebellious, daredevil, and carefree spirit side of me and I sold these like hot cakes. Before I knew it, the OfferUp team invited me to meet them at their new office in Bellevue because of the number of sells

I love refinishing pieces because it never gets old when you pick up a piece ( sometimes from the trash) and with some love, give it a new lease to life. I have made long lasting friendships, money, and because my kids are growing up I know I have passed on a skill that they will have for a life time. Refinishing is an outlet for me to embrace my crazy creative side and is always so therapeutic to me.

Lastly, I made my family believers when I ask them to jump in that dumpster with me they do it in a heartbeat BECAUSE ALL THEY SEE IS POCKET MONEY.

Sara Weithofer


I’m 40yrs old and started woodworking a little over 5yrs ago because I needed a coat rack.  Fast forward to now, and I build custom barn doors, furniture , refinish kitchens, and knock down walls!  I’ve been a member of GGB for  thru the years  This girl don’t need no knight in shining armor to rescue her!  Check out Ruby Lilly Designs to see more about Sara. 

Kate Butler Randall


Kate&Barrel Designs is a locally owned small business in Tucson, Arizona that specializes in vintage and antique furniture artistry in which unique one-of-a-kind designs are created.
Kate&Barrel Designs was born in June of 2017. I saw a video tutorial done by another artist called “Rustic Skye” I found a French provincial dresser for sale in Facebook, picked it up, and did the technique. I was hooked! That was one of the very first pieces I sold through Facebook.  
I love to experiment with techniques and have an appreciation for many styles of furniture and furniture artistry and I am a lover of all styles. I appreciate a French Provincial as much as a Mid Century Modern Piece, Farmhouse to rustic Boho Chic. I love to do it all and continue to push the boundaries of designs and my skills and technique as an artist. Classic and clean and then I can also push to the rustic and naturally distressed and aged. As I do so, I also try to respect the style of furniture that I am working on staying in tune with the generation and history of the piece as much as possible while still being inspired and creative in order to continue to grow as an artist."
I love being able to create a new piece of functional art out of a piece of furniture. Also, I don’t always feel that a refinish means the piece needs to be painted, instead, I like to incorporate natural wood and paint into a piece of furniture. Each piece I touch gets the repairs and refurbishments needed before moving forward with painting or staining."
I tend to obsess over pieces of furniture, sometimes for months. Raw pieces that I have in inventory sometimes sit for quite some time until I find the right approach, colors, and technique that I feel will be the right fit. I think a lot of times people think each and every piece just speaks to me immediately. I wish they all did. Sometimes I agonize over a piece and continue to analyze an idea over and over before I jump in. At times there is an instantaneous, 'I’m going to jump in' attitude where I do know exactly what I want to do. Either way, it’s an adventure to see how it all turns out."
I do commissioned work on raw pieces in my own inventory as well as customer owned pieces. It is a passion of mine to work with a customer side by side in order to create the vision of their own one-of-a-kind design for their home.
Kate&Barrel Designs offers both local delivery and nationwide shipping options for an additional fee.
Facebook www.facebook.com/kateandbarrel
Instagram www.instagram.com/katenbarrel
Website: www.kateandbarreldesigns.com 

Lisa Grover of Grover's Corner



I moved to Las Vegas in 1994, working retail for many years and was very unhappy about that. Through the next 20 years I did  a number of things around town, delivering pizza, working in the grocery business, 2 years with TSA at Mccarran airport, I then secured a position in the insurance business & did that for 9 years; but still was not satisfied with a job well done. I decided that I would take some time off to discover my passion and that’s when my husband came home with a beat up old dresser that he found on the side of the road. I had no idea what to do with it, but I knew it needed some love! That’s where this whole thing started & it took off from there!  I feel the need to make distressed furniture feel better. Whether it’s just paint, lots of rebuilding, new stain or just a cleaning & some oil, it’s what makes me happy! 

Crafting handmade wreaths and other home decor is what keeps my hands busy when I can’t work on furniture.  That has been soooo much fun and is also one of my passions.  I hope I have made the new owners of their furniture that  I redo happy as well.  Thank you for letting me relive this journey through words, it made me smile! 

Holly Johnson- Phillips


 Hi. Im Holly with Restoreology.  I have been painting and bringing new life to furniture for over 6 years now.  I call it my “therapy”...  it takes me away and lets me be creative with color.    I love trying new things, new products and new techniques.  The fun part is learning as I go.  The other fun part is the “Pickin” part, the hunt for that perfect treasure.  I am Brand Ambassador for Dixie Belle Paint Company and I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with this wonderful company and using their fantastic products.  I really gets me and my completed pieces seen and can show the public what amazing transformations that can be done by just using color, whether it be updating old furniture or bringing new life to new pieces.  I will be doing live videos soon to show off different techniques and Dixie Belle products and I can’t wait to share. 

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