What Can Got Good Bones do for your business?

GGBers are all over the USA!


With our extensive membership of GGBers all across the USA- we are able to help you get the word out about your vintage or antique business. We welcome everyone to share their businesses and events with us. 

Increase your Social Media reach


When our members see  your business' information on our site- they will be more than willing to follow you on social media. So many businesses have reaped the rewards of being a member of the group. 

GGBers are Unique!


GGBers love to shop! They seek out hard to find unique and one of a kind items that will compliment their homes or businesses. Our groups run over an 80% participation rate.  These members are constantly looking to purchase antiques\vintage\home decor\ and furniture from new and exciting businesses.  

What is included?


 Got Good Bones also offers services to any business offering a DATE RELATED Event.  We will professionally List\create an event on all GGB Groups that are within traveling distance of your special event. We will list and create an event for your business on the new GGB Vintage Network site- and this includes  inclusion in a weekly email blast of upcoming events and other news that is sent out to these members. We also can do a Blog Post about you the host, and can share your promotional materials through the site- to include videos, fliers, testimonials, etc.  We also do on-site Live Video Feeds at the day of the event. GGB can also be a vendor at your event. We also can send out Vendor Blasts letting members know of vending opportunities, to help you to grow your event participation. We will actively share on other social media sites that have membership who may wish to participate- as we are familiar with sites in your area that cater to antiques and vintage items.  When the host of an event signs up, this unlocks all vendors who are participating to be able to share posts  for free on the site.  Its a great way to get even more exposure for your event. 

Additional Services Offered through Got Good Bones:


We also can do behind the scenes posts during set of your event to entice members to come and participate. We do Live videos from your event- in which we actually walk through during the grand opening of your event. Our Blog Posts are comprised of photos and impression of your special day- posted within three hours of your event grand opening. GGB  is also available to be a vendor at your event. Cause that is what we do best!! We can also assist your business in advertising your event to local newspapers/craigslist/etc…. Any services that you need- we are more than ready to provide them to you.  

How Does it Work?


Got Good Bones Charges a FLAT FEE  Per 30 day period\event. These fees are for events such as flea markets, antique sales, vendor events, special events.  We do not charge our membership... Small businesses are welcome to sell on the site at all times at no cost. We also have ala carte menus- starting at $20.00.  Should you wish additional services, please feel free to contact me. We are happy to help you. Got Good Bones continues to grow on a daily basis. All fees are subject to change based on area demographics and membership data at the end of any thirty day period. GGB is not responsible for system failures in the networks that is utilizes, such as Facebook\Instagram\Mighty.