Men of Got Good Bones

Reece Kent



“I started doing upholstery  in high school, when I met a female whose dad did upholstery for a big name designer back in the 90s- early 2000’s.  I fell in love with the trade after watching him restore an old lazy-boy recliner. To see how furniture was actually constructed fascinated me. He was pretty much my mentor for many years . Then I did a little bit of commercial work and self taught myself in the automotive trade which is basically all sewing. Now fifteen years later, I am where I'm at with my own shop and growing clientele by the day .

My inspiration for all of my pieces would have to be my mother that passed in 2005 . She always told me that I would leave a mark on this earth,  and I believe through my pieces,  I am trying to leave something behind that people will remember me by.  This is why I take each project of mine  personally”.   Please follow Reece at Students of Upholstery. 

Shawn Seminara



“I started Crative Design back in July 2016. Specializing in rustic interiors. I take pride in making sure everything I do is a one of a kind original.  I dedicate my work to the memory of my father. He inspires me everyday. I think that’s a big part of why I love what I do so much, cause there’s a part of him in everything I create. He lives on through my work. 

I get asked about “Crative” alot. LOL. I started out selling custom wooden crates…..hence CRATE-IVE Design. You know- Think outside the Box…. 

It’s tough to say what my favorite piece or pieces are. I lean towards the ones that get the best reaction from the client. No better feeling in the world than making someone smile and having something you poured your heart into loved and appreciated”.  

July Salas



I’m a self-taught woodworker and welder. I started my company 10:01 Concepts 6 years ago, but I began creating when I was 18. I had a job at an ornamental shop and would ask my boss to stay after work to teach myself how to weld. I’ve always been fascinated with design, building, and fabrication, and enjoy creating one of a kind pieces. I love working with my hands. With all of the technology and throw-away-culture of today, I feel like it’s a dying craft that I don’t want to be lost. I use a lot of reclaimed materials in my work, to give them a new life, to let their character endure, just in a new form. I find inspiration everywhere and I currently have pieces that can be found all over Las Vegas. Recently I was happy to learn that I have a piece on it’s way to London. I love hearing about where my pieces end up and the enjoyment people get out of them. I am currently working on taking 10:01 Concepts further to make custom orders available online through my own website so stay tuned, lots of good stuff to come! 

David Rocha



My name is David Rocha, and I was born and raised here in Las Vegas. I started working in retail when I was 15 and after 10 years of it, I decided I needed a change. I then worked for my dad's contracting business for 2 years. I grew up learning many traits and handyman services from him, so it was an easy transition. I would spend my free time fixing furniture that was broken or fixing things around the house. I found joy in flipping furniture, so I started exploring new things to do with the old mix and match furniture that people thought was outdated. I grew up fixing and building things, so it made sense to do something that I loved. My garage was getting packed so I decided to have a yard sale. It was then a member stopped by and referred me to the group. I was amazed to see a group of people that loved doing what I did!

I shortly joined and loved the feeling of making something someone wanted. It's mind blowing to me to know that I have so many pieces all around Las Vegas. A few in Utah and Arizona too. Needless to say, this is my full time job. It's been almost 2 years and I still love trying new techniques and exploring different styles. I try not to limit myself, there's always something  new to learn. 

As I said, refinishing and refurbishing furniture is my full time job- but I feel the real obstacle is finding my pieces. I find my furniture all over and have even bought furniture out of town when I'm on vacation. I search online, first thing I do when I'm up, last thing before bed kind of deal. I love thrift shopping and yard sales of course. My friends and family also help when they see something I can use so it's really helpful. Being on the hunt, as much work as, it's also fun for me, it keeps me on my toes. 

As soon as I get a piece I start thinking of ideas, screenshotting inspirations the whole 9 yards. It's one of the best parts of my job. I've used so many different types of paint and in my workshop I  have many options. I've preferred to use chalk paint but depending on the piece I can use regular latex paint. The sealing of the paint job really depends on the function of the piece. A piece that gets less use or a low volume of "traffic" I'll use wax but a piece such as a dining table- I feel polyurethane is a must. I often keep some of my pieces I'll admit, sometimes torn on selling or keeping!

My mother is my biggest fan and by that I mean about 90% of her furniture is done by me! I call it my home gallery. All the furniture in my home, as well, I've found or refinished too. My dream is to have a small boutique "Yes It Is Designs" and furnish a whole home again. I named my small business "Yes It Is Designs" because when I first started, I refurbished and recycled so many everyday items and would often get asked "is that...?" And I would answer back "yes it is" I figured the name fit well with everything I do.  I still get the same questions whether it's something I’ve  built or refinished…. my answer still is yes it is. I post almost everything I do on Got Good Bones. I've made a ton of friends with the members there and have clients that look for my postings. Seeing everyone else's pieces, whether it's getting advice or taking it, the group is absolutely amazing! Without it I don't think I would have had the motivation to be where I am now. The site has changed my path for the better.  As I don't have a website of my own, I have a let's call it a gallery on Instagram of all my pieces I've done, you can find me at 

Bear Carman



Bear Carman. He  was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and is the owner and operator of Bear’s Vintage Thrift at 233 N. Haskell Avenue, Wilcox Az. He is open 10a.m.  to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

He has been a junker/picker his whole life.  His Mom and Dad owned two stores in Tucson, where he grew up and learned all he knows by attending multiple trade and antique swap meets all over the country. He learned to love any item after it was no longer loved. And he is bound and determined to find it a new life and home! 

Over the years he has built and created many items, to include metal sculptures and wood signs. 

One of his favorite picking adventures was when he went to a small house, accompanied by his love,  Mary,  in southern Arizona.   After they picked the barn, a little old lady said,  “Hold on”, and went inside. She came out with a signed  DvD from American Pickers and then said they were at her house recently and she was on their show.  Bear stated that to have picked where Frank and Mike from American Pickers had been was an amazing experience for him. As a Picker, the fact that he found a great Texaco gas can back in the barn,  AFTER those guys had picked there, was  so inspiring. 

He built this bench using three old chairs, painted it pink and  then distressed it.   He also repurposed the dresser.  

Bear confides that all of  this is possible because The Lord Jesus Christ saved him and that he owes all that he is to him forever.  

Bear is excited to be highlighted in the group and he love Got Good Bones!! 

Bear is truly an inspiration!!  

Jonathan Bollas



Jonathan is a graduate of Ohio State University and attended the prestigious Columbus College of Art and Design.  He has worn many hats throughout his interior design career.   As a successful  owner and operator of several storefronts, to include antiques and fine art, Jonathan is intensely passionate in all aspects of design.  Through his imaginative use of lighting and materials, he creates amazing storefront and window displays.  His designs have been seen across the country.   You will be able to find Jonathan’s blog, Chewing Bones, on the GGB site.  It will feature posts about current trends, antiques, and design.  He will also be available to answer any questions that GGB members may have!  Jonathan currently has space located at  Bella Marketplace in Boulder City, Nevada; Modern Mantiques in Las Vegas, located downtown on Main Street, and in Santa Barbara, California, at  The Blue Door. He has been involved with GGB for quite sometime behind the scenes.  

Men of Got Good Bones

Sylvain Veys



I was born and I grew up in the French Alps.  I moved to the USA 10 years ago. People would describe my taste as eclectic.  I have been collecting since I was very young. I started with marbles, and later I had a passion for antiquities ( They are not hard to find in France ).  
Then when I arrived in USA,  I looked for more antiques, but rarely found anything new.  
I revised my knowledge and learned about American History.  I then discovered depression glass and PYREX.  I finally started collecting them both- and I have been collecting Pyrex and depression glass for like 5 years.  

My favorite Pyrex pieces. That is tough.  I feel they are all different and gorgeous but I like the blue Peacock line the best. 

If we are talking about my favorite piece between all my collections it would have to be a sculpture of Moise, made by Ezra Ben Joseph, into an ( 200yrs) olive tree root around 1945. 

I'm happy to be a member of Got good Bones to be able to give a second life to discarded forgotten beauties

I really love pyrex. Recently I was shopping through Goodwilll looking for Pyrex as I always do on a regular basis.  I found a set that I loved- but there was only three pieces and I need the fourth one.  I figured that if there were three, that the fourth one would be around here somewhere.  I was looking and suddenly I see an elderly lady and she's holding the treasured fourth piece in her hands.  So I asked her if she would be willing to part with it and she said that she really wanted to keep it.  I kept shopping and we we talked a few more times. She decided to complete my set.  She gave me the fourth piece and I bought her a shirt that she really wanted. She was very happy. And I was even happier. 

I love being a member of Got good Bones- as I am able to give a second life to discarded forgotten beauties.  


Billie Smith


Picker level: Master,  He  Missed the 50’s by ten days, but definitely was reborn from another era.  He loves to pic anything old from anywhere.  His favorite pics are old barns, mines and mining shacks.  Billie ran the successful Designated Drivers business for over 20 years.  Featured on the TV programs such as Auction Hunters and Commercial Kings, Billie has led a very interesting life.  He served in the military, ran antique stores, country nightclubs, taught country dancing, He has even sang on the same stage as Elvis Presley.  Currently, Billie is semi-retired and is President of a local non-profit called the Designated Drivers Foundation.  The foundation funds free ride programs on major holidays that removes intoxicated drivers from the roads saving lives in our community.  His greatest accomplishment is his 7 year old son. He is a picker for life! 

Derrick Lawless



I grew up loading trucks full of reproduction antique furniture that my father built, sold, and whole-saled. As the handmade American furniture market dried up in the 90’s he transitioned from furniture into supplying hardware for the people that were hanging on in the furniture building business. We specialized in supplying historically accurate reproduction hardware for the reproduction furniture makers. My father was very astute in his ability to know the type of hardware real furniture builders needed and he contributed many design improvements to reproduction hinges and locks that are part of many hardware company’s inventory at this point. 

In 1999, during my high school years, he opened our website and internet store I have spent the last 15-20 years working on the website, improving our product line, and basically just trying to supply our business partners with quality hardware at a price that allows the builder or designer to remain competitive.  I’m very happy to be part of the Got Good Bones community as I can see it’s filled with all types of small businesses and independent furniture artists. Working with them directly, seeing their work, and staying on top of what I can do to help their business is the best part of my job. 


Ben Sax



 Ben Sax was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and is the owner and operator of Ben’s Box at 4517 E. 22nd Street. He operates via appointments only and specializes in restoring vintage furniture and household items.   Ben’s first venture with furniture was assisting with the liquidation of the Lazy K Bar & Guest Ranch in Marana, AZ. He enjoyed the process so much that he then started his own resale business. He has a great eye for treasures and focuses on modernizing vintage items. His warehouse is full of gems ranging from dressers, desks, beds, mirrors, artwork and unique smaller much more! Ben loves to see the transformation of each piece and is always excited to come across new items. He truly loves what he does and enjoys sharing his creations with the community!  

Chris Cope


 This new venture sent me on a road trip up and down the entire state of Utah, as well as through many areas of Nevada, Arizona and Southern California. I was on a mission - a hunt for new inventory of items that I had never purchased but have always appreciated. I searched high and low to curate a space that represented many areas of collectables and decorative items of vintage nature. It started with just one space in October of 2017 in Antique Alley Mall, by early 2018 I had already grown the business to 3 spaces as well as having also expanded to selling online and at Vintage Market Days (which is a bi-annual show in Downtown Summerlin). Just recently, I also opened two spaces at The Antique Mall of America to cater to the Southern area of the Las Vegas Strip - this booth is focused primarily on Mid Century with touches of glass, kitsch and other collectibles.  I am happy to say that my husband Michael Moats has recently joined the team! His creativity has boosted our social media platform and has enabled Party Fowl to search out greater treasures for our customers. One of our greatest joys as a team, is to up-cycle and create unique objects from off the wall lamps to one of a kind pieces of functional furniture! 

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