The Leftover Chair Project Info!

Find a Chair. Give it a new life!



We all have one. One that we just could not leave alone. It was sitting there, all by itself. You picked it up and said “I will give you a good home” and off it went, thrown in the back of your vehicle until it gets in the way of the next stray that you bring home. Then it goes into the garage and gets a few other projects piled upon it! Well, now is your time to pull it out and do something with it!

The Details!



Announcing The Left Over Chair Project. This is a two month challenge. Here are the rules! Get a chair. Chances are, you have one or more just sitting around your home. You are only allowed to spend $10.00 or less! What? Yes!! We are using only what we already have on hand or what we can get off the curb or what we can upcycle CHEAPLY from a thrift store or a garage chairs, leftover materials, leftover paints and low cost decor items. It is possible! I can assure you! I am a picker and I know how to pick. I have painted and upholstered and or staged all of these chairs for under 10.00 each!!

You are welcome to make that chair into anything you want it to be! Use your imagination. Take a picture of the chair, tell us what you did or didn’t do to it (cause sometimes leaving it alone it the best thing to do).

More details!!


 Feel free to list whose paint brands and paint supplies that you used. Upload a photo to @gotgoodbones and #theleftoverchair on Instagram and that is it! You are welcome to add one decor item to the vignette photo...but your total budget cannot go over $10.00... and we are honoring your need to fib!

The chair with the most likes on instagram wins a $100.00 gift card to the online store of your choice! And the best part- you can submit as many entries as you want! Make sure to share with your friends. You want to get the most likes! We are all about up/re-cycling on this site. Got Good Bones is where you can come and find a great project piece and fix it up to fit in your space or to sell to someone else.

This will go until April 1st, 2019. I will announce the winner on April 7, 2019- we will do this at our booth at Vintage Market Days of Southern Nevada.

We have many great sponsors who have supported Got Good Bones and they have graciously donated great prizes/gifts for those who participate... These will be up for grabs throughout the contest!

Two Chicks and Tool belt will be giving away paint.

D. Lawless Hardware has graciously donated hardware for your other “project” pieces

Roycycled Treasures has donated some of her amazing hand made papers

Got Good Bones is covering the Gift Card for 100.00

And there will be more giveaways too!! I hope you are as excited as I am.

You are welcome to do as many chairs as you like!! There is no limit! Every chair deserves a make-over! When it is done you can keep it or adopt it out! It is up to you!

Please contact me if you have any questions!!