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We love working with like minded people. Those who cherish antiques, vintage, home decor and furniture. Do you share our passion for finding old pieces and giving them a new life?  Do you offer a service  that is vintage, home decor, antique or furniture related? We welcome you to share your business page with us! We love working with small businesses who offer great products to our members. Please contact us for more additional information! 

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D. Lawless Hardware


Check out D. Lawless Hardware! This is  the place to find that unique and tough to find  hardware for your DIY projects. 

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Paint Pixie


Do you need High quality paint brushes? These are especially made in Italy. Natural and synthetic, long lasting. Check out Paint Pixie

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Furniture Painting Business Tips


This is a great nationwide group where anyone can go and learn all the great ins and outs of opening, managing and surviving in your own furniture painting business.   You will learn so much from this amazing group.  

Want to get tips to open your own furniture painting business?

Farragoz : Online patina and artisan courses


 FARRAGOZ offers 2 online courses in the art of patina that will teach you how to make your own inexpensive milk paints, oil paints, tempera, primer, gesso and much more. We will inspire and guide you with step-by-step instructions and videos on how to make, apply and distress these to create exquisite patina on wood like a master artisan. No expensive branded products are used in these courses.  Using a farrago of materials and ancient recipes, along with a little modern technology, you will produce paints from scratch, the way master craftsmen have done through ages, before the onslaught of modern commercial paints that all scream: plastic and chemicals!  We will teach you how to apply these homemade paints and finally how to speed up the ageing process for them to look so authentic, that even an expert will find it very difficult to tell the difference. The materials used in these trusted old recipes are eco-friendly, making them safe to work with and tools easy to clean. All safe enough to be produced and cleaned in your kitchen.

In each of these courses, you will discover how to design, re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose and re-construct to create individual works of art and in a twelve month period, re-make yourself as an artisan.

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