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Vintage Retro Antique What Is In A Name

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I have recently noticed lots of sites advertising vintage items from the 1980s and 1990’s and calling them vintage….I cannot be that old, can I?
Everyone has their own definition of these terms- and there in lies the problem. I think a general rule of thumb is as follows. Antiques…I think that everyone can agree that an antique is generally 100 years old or greater. This is an easy definition for everyone to follow.
Vintage. This term was originally used to describe a wine and the year it was made….. ie…Vintage 1985 Merlot. To me- vintage means items that are not quite antiques- but are pretty close… Something that my grandparents or even my parents may have used in earlier years… I think of vintage suitcases and trunks, old typewriters, gorgeous clothes from the 1920’s….but then I too have items from the 1950’s and 1960’s that I consider vintage- as its’ their style that speaks to me. Like when describing a vintage 1920 suitcase or vintage 1960’s woman’s clothing lot. The term vintage can encompass many eras.
Retro. When I here this word- I immediately think of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s….but some would argue that retro could include items from the 1940’s and up! To me- again its the style of the item being described…A retro toaster that is new but is styled like the ones from the 1950’s….red and white or chrome or even enamel…
I guess as I age, I have to come to the hard realization that things that were part of my life when I was a child are now falling into the above categories… Think of the Sony Walkman…the precursor to all that is music today…..that came out during my formative years and I do not think I even owned one- as I was too busy listening to music in my room on my old transistor radio. Staring at my brand new in the box first edition Cabbage Patch Doll….oh yes….I had to have one….
No matter what the item is- for some reason while you were out shopping (or picking at a yard sale or thrift shop) it caught your eye, made you remember a memory from years past, or inspired you to decorate a new area in your home in that style. Whatever era it is from…. Its all good. I like to think of it as having good bones….
What are your definitions of these terms? We would love to hear from you!
Bonejour! (yes….that is spelled with a “bone”….remember we are in the GGB world!!)

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