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The Best 3 Dollars I Ever Spent

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Sometimes after a day of shopping thrift stores, garage and estate sales, I question myself as to why I have bought something. What in the world was I thinking…as I lug it into the house or as my husband rolls his eyes at me.
A couple of months ago (before it got so hot over the summer) I had an SUV full… I had stopped at an estate sale and had picked up some great items. As I was leaving out the front door- I saw an ordinary frame that had a print of chinese children playing. It caught my eye…as the almond shaped eyes of the children reminded me of the shape of our daughter’s eyes. I remember there were ladies bickering with the seller about some other items and wanted everything for a dollar. He had held his ground and they walked away empty handed. I asked him how much for the print- he told me $3.00. I paid him the money and never thought twice about it as it went in the box of stuff. It was not my style but that has not stopped me from buying before!

A few weeks later I was going through the box. I opened the back of the 8 x 10 print and there was something behind it. It was a charcoal drawing of a young boy that was dated 1965. Oh wow. I wondered if the sellers had any idea this was behind the chinese print.


I knew the cross streets and the general area- but did not know the house or address. I posted the info about the estate sale on the Got Good Bones site to see if anyone else could remember where the sale was. It was a three story house that had a lot of asian themed items- so if you had been there you would have remembered. Sure enough!! Several of our members had been there and one even had the address!! I googled the address- and found the owners of the house. Then I googled them. The man of the house had died last year. He was young.

I then got on facebook and searched the wife. I found her and went through her friends list…we had two mutual friends. I sent them both the information and they contacted her. After a while she contacted me and we were playing PM tag… (for lack of a better word).

Well today we finally met up. She was so grateful to get the drawing of her late husband and her daughter’s father. Their daughter is now about the age of her dad in the photo. Well as you all know- when you pick up or drop off anything in this group…we women love to talk!! She is a nurse here in town. Our daughter was injured in a medical error shortly after she was born in 2006. I always make it a point to tell all medical personnel that I meet about what happened to her- as it was a rare but very serious error, and one that I am passionate about preventing! She knew all about what had happened to Chloe- as she worked in the Ob\Gyn dept at the hospital that she was born at. She knew who we were.


It’s so amazing to think about all the people who you meet in a lifetime and if you are lucky enough to talk to them- you find out that you have crossed paths before. It just makes you realize that each day that we should treat everyone with respect and care. It really is such a small world. You never know when you may meet again. Or what will bring you together. Its the best three dollars that I ever spent. It’s in the eyes….

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