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Thank you Mom- Your Gifts are Immeasurable

I recently celebrated one of those "milestone" birthdays...the ones we ladies do not like to talk about. But instead of dreading it, I embraced and celebrated turning the "BIG 5-0". My mom was able to spend the week with me- so we planned a great get together of my closest

Late Night Thoughts of an Antique Addict

Unable to sleep at 4 a.m., I turn on my phone and a blog post comes across my news feed.  The story was about how young people in this day and age are just not into antiques. Well, I still consider myself young- cause 40 is the new thirty, right?

The Best 3 Dollars I Ever Spent

Sometimes after a day of shopping thrift stores, garage and estate sales, I question myself as to why I have bought something. What in the world was I I lug it into the house or as my husband rolls his eyes at me. A couple of months ago (before it