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LAS VEGAS: Flea Market at the Farm! McKee Ranch

Come on out with the family for a great day on the farm. See horses, chickens, rabbits, a goat, a dog and a pig. Let the kids ride the ponies and feed carrots to the animals while you shop for antiques, vintage, home decor and furniture!!

Tresses to Treasure

If you were to go through a few of the cupboards in my house, you would find some pretty weird stuff. Baggies containing teeth that our children lost over the years. There is even a baggy that contains our daughter’s first haircut. I think you would also find a few

Vintage Retro Antique What Is In A Name

I have recently noticed lots of sites advertising vintage items from the 1980s and 1990's and calling them vintage....I cannot be that old, can I? Everyone has their own definition of these terms- and there in lies the problem. I think a general rule of thumb is as follows. Antiques...I think

Abandoned On The Freeway

On Sunday- as we were getting on the 101 freeway in Santa Barbara...I spied a little white shabby chic roll top desk that someone had set right at the corner of the on ramp to the freeway. It all happened so fast...I could not get the words out fast enough

Rescue Of Good Bones Gets Stinky

I've driven past this piece for about two months now. It was in the desert, and it was just far enough out there that I'd have to get out of my car and explore to see its condition. Well today I did it! A gorgeous mid century piece in its

Maybe It Wasn’t Meant To Be

We all buy and sell on here. When you are second in line for something that your heart is set on- it really just sucks....for lack of a better word. I look at the missed opportunities that I have experienced as that it was not meant to be with me.