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When a bathroom has Got Good Bones…..

I don't usually like to use a public bathroom, but as all of us know, sometimes that iced tea that you drank at lunch is not going to let you wait until you make it home. This happened to me recently. We were at a furniture store and I

Jeanette P.

Our first spotlight will feature Jeanette Peltier-Shoemaker. She has been in Las Vegas since she was 18 months old. She and her sisters took after their mom, with a fond love and interest in family heirlooms to include jewelry and various antiques. Her and her sister,

Becky S.

This post is featuring Got Good Bones ™ (Las Vegas) Member Becky Schoonmaker. She is originally from the New York area, but has been lucky enough to call Las Vegas her home for all of her life! She caught the crafting bug when she was in high