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LAS VEGAS: Flea Market at the Farm! McKee Ranch

Come on out with the family for a great day on the farm. See horses, chickens, rabbits, a goat, a dog and a pig. Let the kids ride the ponies and feed carrots to the animals while you shop for antiques, vintage, home decor and furniture!!

National Teddy Bear Day September 9, 2016

Today is National Teddy Bear day. Yes- it seems that they have a day for everything nowadays. But who can resist their cuteness. Their cuddliness. Not everyone will admit it- but at one time or another many of us have relied on or confided in a

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper…..When is Enough…. Enough?

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper…..When is Enough…. Enough? (Blog post from April 2016) Today, Jonathan took me along on a pick. It’s always fun to go on never know what you may find...but I do not have to tell you all that! Today we met Mr. Salt and Mrs.

Tresses to Treasure

If you were to go through a few of the cupboards in my house, you would find some pretty weird stuff. Baggies containing teeth that our children lost over the years. There is even a baggy that contains our daughter’s first haircut. I think you would also find a few