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Some Things You Cannot Put A Price On

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Sharing a recent post from one of our Got Good Bones members in Las Vegas. I believe that items\people\places\things cross our paths for a reason. Somethings you cannot put a price on…

….”NFS – I just wanted to share my yard sale find from this weekend. I’ve always wanted this or something similar. There is a beautiful story to go along with it. A woman was helping her father sell his furniture so she could move him out of state to live with her. He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and could no longer live alone. He knew how much I loved the desk and wanted me to have it badly. Yet, as we began to take it away, he broke down in tears, along with his daughter. Through the tears, she reassured me it was fine. As a writer, he had spent many years using and loving this desk, refinishing it several times over those years. She asked me if I would take a picture with her father so that she could show him how much the desk was loved and being well taken care of. I agreed and I’m so glad she has the picture so that as he forgets, she can remind him that I am cherishing and caring for his desk. I left there in tears, knowing I had gained so much more than just a desk through the experience”……. Dawn S.

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