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Rescue Of Good Bones Gets Stinky

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I’ve driven past this piece for about two months now. It was in the desert, and it was just far enough out there that I’d have to get out of my car and explore to see its condition. Well today I did it! A gorgeous mid century piece in its hey day..Dove tailed drawers too! I unscrewed two of the legs, they are all one piece (carved wooden threading). Awesome. I will “save” those… Ok. two more legs left to unscrew.. several drawers are still in decent shape, except for the huge spider egg on one of them. Then I got a little whiff of a familiar unpleasant smell off in the distance. SKUNK! Well..I’ll pass….on everything! Lol. There was no skunk in the vicinity that I could see, lol, but that was enough for me.. maybe I will try again another day!

Update!! I went back since this winter day above and rescued the four legs!! I am a happy camper!!


2 thoughts on “Rescue Of Good Bones Gets Stinky

  1. Yikes, I’m thinking the skunk smell was something like that piece…not making it out of the desert anytime soon. Plastic bags in the desert are way off limits in my book. The contents are never anything you want to explore.

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