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Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper…..When is Enough…. Enough?

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Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper…..When is Enough…. Enough? (Blog post from April 2016)

Today, Jonathan took me along on a pick. It’s always fun to go on picks…you never know what you may find…but I do not have to tell you all that! Today we met Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (not their real names…of course) They were a cute couple. Mr. Salt retired from the Air Force and then retired a second time from a government job. They were getting ready to move out of state, thus looking to sell off some of their many collections. Mr. Salt collected Budweiser memorabilia, belt buckles and marbles. Mrs. Pepper collected cookie jars and maybe you have guessed it by now; salt and pepper shakers.

The first collections that they were parting ways with were the cookie jars and salt and pepper shakers. There were 44 cookie jars. Some were from the seventies….a couple of owls, a rooster and a hound dog “jar” my memory… Then there were the brand new “new” ones…. Looney Tunes characters who had never been removed from their factory packages and a few characters that I had never seen. It was a very impressive collection, neatly organized in an impeccably organized garage. But this was just the beginning…

There were the S & P shakers. Mr. Salt mentioned that someone had once joked about the collection and had said that he felt they would “go broke” filling each piece with the condiments that they were created to hold. There were 1027 shaker sets. Yes. That is correct. One thousand and twenty seven sets of two. So that makes 2054 pieces and some had extra parts. At one point, the collection was displayed in the home. But now, each piece had been meticulously wrapped in a piece of newspaper and taped securely. There were three military trunks full, box after box filled to the brim and hundreds were housed in several huge refuse storage containers. There were even a few sets packed nicely into some of the cookie jars!

Sadly, we did not unwrap any of the small treasures. It was truly overwhelming. They had been in this state for ten years.

It was a site to see and the couple seemed surprised when Jonathan was not interested in their collections. They wanted to sell everything as a lot and were taking offers. He kindly advised them what he thought they should do with these two collections to help them maximize the most money for their move and we went on our way.

What could he possibly offer Mrs.Pepper for these collections? She has spent the last thirty plus years picking up pieces that she found at locals stores or while they were on vacation. She said that when their child had been in school, she had extra time on her hands…so she would go out shopping and build her collection. If he did get them, where would he store them? How long would it take to unwrap, sort, research, and then resell each one of those sets….Is the demand for S & P shakers that strong that it would be worth all the work? ( and I knew that I would be assisting! LOL)

I was happy with his decision. He advised them well. It would be overwhelming for most people to deal with such a collection. These shakers need to be with someone special, who will unwrap each package with care, reunite the matching pieces and give them a new home on a shelf with others like them. I think that they will end up this way. ( I will keep you updated). Update!! These were picked up by a lovely antique dealer friend of Jonathans! Everyone is happy!!


One thing I realized after this was that I wish that I just collected only one or two specialty items. I wish I could ignore all the gorgeous beautiful miscellaneous baubles and bangles when I am out and about and only select certain things for a collection…Na….that will never happen! But I can say I only have one set of salt and pepper shakers…but probably ten single ones….And I do have one piece of a broken crystal salt shaker lodged in my pinky finger….yes…..but that is a story for another day! LOL

(Make sure to look for upcoming blog posts by Interior Designer, Jonathan Bollas, entitled Chewing Bones…here on GGB!! Also check out his one of a kind Time Machine Fashion Window, established at Bella Marketplace in Boulder City in Spring of 2016. The window changes every month!! For pictures of previous months- please check out!

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