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Maybe It Wasn’t Meant To Be

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We all buy and sell on here. When you are second in line for something that your heart is set on- it really just sucks….for lack of a better word. I look at the missed opportunities that I have experienced as that it was not meant to be with me. I have the attitude…”I will get another one! Next one is mine!!! ” That attitude works for me. I hate it when I miss out on a vintage suitcase- cause I arrived at a Garage sale 2 minutes late…and I see the person coveting it like a million dollar lottery ticket. I even had one woman grab another vintage suitcase before me and say “Sorry sista, this one is mine”. (LOL Suitcases…my love…)
But anyways….just make a mental note, make a dream board, use your pinterest and like some things that are similar. I know you will find something even better. And that item may even inspire you to think and create a new idea or interest. Keep looking!!!
To give you an example- I have been picking my entire life- since I was 11. ( Trust me, that is a long time!) I have always wanted a vintage typewriter. Sure I see them at antique malls and the price is usually a lot higher than I want to pay. Well- let me say- I found five last week….yes…I never have seen one really cheap- and boom. They were falling from the sky! (For some of the members that have been on the GGB site a while- you may remember another member had experienced this same phenomenon, but with suitcases!) Well anyway…many of them are worth nothing- but they sure are gorgeous!! I love things even if they are broken and not in the best shape. My husband winces when he sees these- as he knows that he has no say whether or not they stay with us. (LOL) I did pass one of to a dear friend who I met on the site…so keep your eyes open and always looking. But do not fret…you will be first in line again…..

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