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Little White Lies…..

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I love flea markets- and sometimes I will sell items to clear out project pieces that I have not had a chance to work on. Recently, A lovely elderly woman stopped by my booth and inquired on a typewriter. She said that she really wanted it, but that since she was in a walker- she would have to come back and get it on the way out. No problem, I told her. I would hold it for her. A little while later, one of my partners in crime, Amy from Battle Born Vintage, was tending to my booth while I was helping with some of the flea market chores. When I returned, she told me that someone had come and bought the typewriter for their grandmother- but that it was a secret and that I was not to say anything when she returned. Oh great. I sold something and someone is going to get a surprise. Awesome!

A little while later- she returned and inquired about the typewriter. I told her that I was so sorry- but that it had sold. She was visually disappointed. A better description was that she was crushed. I had told her that I would hold it for her……and I did not. I felt so bad. She must have thought I was an awful person. But I knew that she would soon get a great surprise. It was so hard to have to lie to her about it. She said she had arthritis very badly and it would be good for her fingers to type on the keys. OMG. Now I felt so bad. I would have given it to her had I known that this was the reason that she wanted it.

Amy and I discussed it later on in the day…At least the story was going to have a good outcome… Right? Well- this is where you come in! We would love to see a picture of this lovely lady and her new typing machine!! If you are the wonderful grandchild- or you know who this was- can you have them contact me? I have been thinking about her since this date- and it seems I keep seeing typewriters all around…so I thought I would put this out into the universe and see what happens!!×221.jpg” alt=”olympiasm966″ width=”300″ height=”221″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-878″ />

Johannah Back
I have been a picker\collector\decorator my whole life. I grew up in an eccentric family of artists and collectors. I studied Interior Design- but never finished my degree, as being a mom of two amazing children always seemed to close the door on my college pursuit. I know what inspires and motivates me.

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