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Abandoned On The Freeway

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On Sunday- as we were getting on the 101 freeway in Santa Barbara…I spied a little white shabby chic roll top desk that someone had set right at the corner of the on ramp to the freeway. It all happened so fast…I could not get the words out fast enough for my friend to stop his vehicle in an unsafe place and let me retrieve it….I was making guttural noises and pointing in disbelief….he did not know what to do!! All he saw was a cop in front of him and then the person behind us started to beep at him- because he had stopped short trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Well- after we had started on the freeway and I told him what I had seen-and after a long laugh… he said that he would have went back to get it for me- if it had not been pouring down rain!! Can you imagine? I thought you all would get a kick out of this little story and please take a moment and hope that this lovely piece was picked up by someone and given a new life!! I did not get to snap a picture- but I found a similar one on the internet…. It would have been a beauty…it had awesome skinny legs and gorgeous knobs!! It makes you wonder why something like that is sitting on the 101 on ramp…

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