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A Saturday Picking In A New Place Is Priceless!

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Happy Sunday Everyone! Got to spend the last several days in Southern Utah. It was a nice change from the 100 degree plus weather that we have in Las Vegas. Afternoon rain showers brought some humidity but the 70 degree temps were worth it!! I got to spend time hitting thrift stores and garage sales in the area. Brought home only smalls- not enough room in the vehicle for the large stuff! There are some great places to shop there. I hit three different thrift stores. Deseret Industries and Savers (which we have in Las Vegas) and a newer store in Utah called Tag’s.
Deseret Industries never disappoints… Great prices (although they have recently increased over where they used to be) but still you can find amazing stuff. As we were walking in the parking lot- I saw another picker who was advertising!!! (see pictures) Looked for them in the store- (based on what I saw in their cart) but I had no luck!!
Another car was advertising that they pay better than antique dealers. Ok. This must be a great place to shop!! As I walked past the check out area- I saw two men carrying out f vintage disney posters….my heart sank…. don’t you hate it when you see this? If I had only been there 30 minutes earlier!! Nice Men though! The son obliged when I asked him if I could take a picture… (see photos) .
Lots of great stuff- make sure you see their “Yard” area. If you are into making your own items- this is also the place to check out! They are always very clean and organized too. That is a big plus. Great vintage sewing machine and case. Needed work- but worth the price of 50.00. I met a nice young lady buying another vintage machine- a turquoise one….and shared with her the Vintage Sewing Machine Page on FB. I love to see young people into old stuff…
Deseret as well as most thrift stores will “pull” items that they feel are collectibles and will have these displayed in a locked area…. make sure to check these areas- and they tag all their items according to the week it came in. So if you see something you like that has been around for a while- ask if they will lower the price. They usually will!!
Savers. They are a national chain and have nice stuff too. They are higher priced. But if it is something you cannot live without- then this the place to go. I did get an amazing 8 x 11 matted photo with family correspondence attached to the back. Someone had glued old letters onto the back of the matt. 1922. See photos…I will be doing some research to see if I can find more about the subjects in the photo. I paid $1.99 for this…So I was pleased as punch and hid it my cart so no one would take it! LOL (Paranoid picker….101). They had an old vintage childs high chair….but it was in really bad shape. They wanted $29.99 for it- but it was a blue tag so it would have been half price. Savers has a great wall of bagged items- you never know what you will find in this area!
Tag’s. Wow!! When you walk in and you see a vintage stove and a 1939 washer machine as store displays (that are for sale too!) along with chalk painted furniture- you know that someone has really good taste!! They had a 10 cent wall of toys- and a book reading area that was amazing!! They made table legs out of books and all the decor was chalk painted. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that…

Next time you have the opportunity to visit Southern Utah- check these places out- and always plan your trip around a Saturday- so you can hit the yard sales too!!

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