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A Fabulous Life

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When I go shopping, I always hope to find a great item that I can add to my collection.  Unfortunately I collect way too many things….so the dangers are very real for me whenever I go to any antique mall, flea market, thrift store or yard sale.  This past week was no exception.  Every once in awhile I get to tag along with a friend to Santa Barbara, California. I so enjoy going on these little jaunts.  I get out of the triple digit heat of Vegas and I always find something to bring home with me. We were shopping in a great antique mall in the city.   I had found a vintage cigar box. Bright red in color and a great price.  Thinking I was done shopping, I headed to the front to check out.  That is when I saw a huge box of old photos…. I had already been through several boxes in the back of the store, but nothing caught my eye.

Sometimes you find things that you just have to have….so I immediately put the cigar box back.   I had found large vintage  photos dated  in the early 1950’s.  What caught my eye was the amazing pieces of furniture and home decor items that were featured in the photographs…but then I noticed something else.  A little four legged friend seemed to be the center of attention in each of the photos.  I kept finding more and more of them! It was so much fun to find the little pup showcased in the photos. You could tell she was very loved (as well as the other family pets).  

I took my purchases to the front counter- and it got even better.  The owner told me that the photographer was a Mr. Wilson.  He pulled out two photos of Mr. Wilson from behind the counter (these were not for sale).  He let me photograph them though!! He told me that someone had purchased a picture of the pup earlier in the day…this time she was in the bathtub! I wish I could have got that picture also!!

Please make sure that you take a few moments to look at the photographs to see all the amazing home decor items.

This pampered pooch was named Medi.  I think she had had a fabulous life… Don’t you?



Medi celebrating her birthday? It looks like she had her own seating area in the home. Undated



Medi. Christmas 1956


Prince, Medi and Bodo, February 1954


Medi, March 1952



Medi and her family. Undated.


Mr. Wilson, a statue, Unknown family member, and Medi. Undated.



Mr. Wilson. Undated.


Mr. Wilson. Undated. Looks like there was not a dull moment in his home!!

Johannah Back
I have been a picker\collector\decorator my whole life. I grew up in an eccentric family of artists and collectors. I studied Interior Design- but never finished my degree, as being a mom of two amazing children always seemed to close the door on my college pursuit. I know what inspires and motivates me.

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