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Living Spaces Calls Las Vegas Home

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We had a new store open here in the Las Vegas area recently. Its called Living Spaces. We were very excited to check it out! Las Vegas has really had a huge growth spurt this past year with new stores opening … such as Ikea and Restoration Hardware. There are never enough places to shop! Their website shows that they have 19 stores in the Southwest Area of the United States. Their website states “With over 150 Living Rooms, 115 Dining Rooms, and 100 Bedrooms, we have a huge selection of the best brands to meet any design style.”

They are located in a great area in the Northwest part of town. As we walked in- I had deja vu. I felt as if I had been there before. But I couldn’t quite place it. The front area (lobby) of the store is sectioned off with walls and the walls are covered with art work- kinda like when you walk into Hobby Lobby. Only Hobby Lobby has furniture in their front.

Someone greets you at the front of the store- to answer any questions, hand you a flier, etc. This reminded me of RC Willey.

The color palette was very limited. Gray. Grey. Silver. However you choose to spell it…it’s the same color. Do not get me wrong- I love this color…but it was everywhere. This reminded me of Restoration Hardware. Neutrals are good. I get it. It’s the popular color right now. There were a few items that had other color. But for the most part- gray was what you will get.

A HUGE selection of wooden\resin furniture. Lots of reproductions and great styles of consoles, buffets and cabinets. (See pictures) I focused on items that you may see in your local Got Good Bones Group. The price points were all over the place- but did seem to be a bit on the higher end.

Great selection of Artwork. Reminded me of Michaels and Home Goods.

They had several shelves cleverly placed in the back with lots of smalls. This area was reminiscent of Hobby Lobby- with a bit of Home Goods thrown in. VERY good prices in this area. But I noticed that some items were not the same quality that you would find in other stores. If you look at the clock in the picture- I had just seen one recently that was bigger and much heavier- it was close to $300.00. Theirs was very light…but would still make a great item for decor in the home. If my memory serves me correctly, it was less than $30.00.

Recliners. Mattresses. Did not spend much time in these areas. But they did have some amazing bedroom sets. A bit pricey in this area also.

A few of the desks\desk sets also caught our eye.

I only have one criticism. By the time that we had walked the entire store- I had a splitting headache and a sore throat. The Formaldehyde smell was overwhelming. Some of the furniture items had warning signs posted on them that they were made with chemicals that can cause cancer. That is not something that I want in my own home. Maybe as the store is open for a longer time, the smell will dissipate.

I guess I prefer old bones….


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